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No matter what role is he playing about, he'll always be Thor for me !!!
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@cocodiva328 have u watched a movie called "The Last Song" that features Miley Cyrus..?? Miley's on and off screen boyfriend is actually chris' younger brother lol
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you just said something that seems silly to me...u dont know me that well so i forgive you...but i am allergic to most Disney channel actors lol....i may watch it to see the it a good movie..whats the plot...
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hahahha me neither !! lol.. i don't like miley tbh.. but since i love nicholas sparks i gave that movie a chance haha.. btw r u familiar with nicholas sparks' books?? it's based on one of his book with the same title.. love the storyline.. love the lead male actor,, but not miley hahah
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once i saw he on the cover i kept a ten foot distance from anything related...i dont know the author but i will look up the book....i love to read maybe i may pick it up
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trust me, the book is 10 times (or more) better than the movie.. haha.. do read it if u have spare times.. :)
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