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Big Ben: Be Careful With Our Running Back

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is not a fan of how much run Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell is getting. Bell is the only NFL player with at least 1,000 rushing yards and 600 receiving yards this season, and he played all but two of the Steelers' 90 offensive snaps in a 35-32 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. He carried the ball a career-high 33 times in the Steelers' previous game, a 27-24 win at Tennessee on Nov. 17. Ben is scared probably because of what happened to the last Steelers great RB Willie Parker who was given bell cow duties before breaking his leg near the end of the season and never being the same again. Should Bell be getting all he can handle or should the Steelers wise up and store him up for the long run?
@Dantel Problem is they released Blount who was the backup. Now they could give carries to Tri Archer but he is a small diminutive speed back. As a rookie he probbaly isn't ready yet
Yeah they definitely need to give some more carries to the backup.
If they're not paying him big dollars then they should not be running him into the ground. But once they get paid, then they should hand it off to them as much as they want. But yeah if I was a RB in the NFL on my rookie contract, I would not want all those carries
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NFL Dads Tackle Hair Styling In This Pantene Campaign.
Every year, major sponsors shell out some serious cash to grab our attention during the Super Bowl, by far the largest single sporting event of the year. They enlist A-List celebrities, bust out the CGI, and have the ability to transform a typical 30-second spot into a minute long movie of epic proportions. However, if there's one thing that these companies can learn from haircare brand Pantene this year, it's that turning on America's feels doesn't have to be that complicated - just bring in the adorableness of some NFL kids! Pantene's 'Dad-Do' Super Bowl campaign features a number of popular NFL fathers taking a stab at styling their daughters' hair with Pantene products. Like you could probably guess, they definitely struggle through it, but with some adorable encouragement from their daughters, the results are very much 'aww'-worthy. (My personal favorite is pictured above: DeAngelo Williams of the Pittsburgh Steelers versus his daughter Rhiya's braids and bows.) Benjamin Watson, tight end for the New Orleans Saints, displayed some pigtail game earning an impressed high five from his daughter, Grace. (He tried to argue that bigger hands make it hard for athletes to style hair, but he didn't do too bad for a first-timer!) The Dallas Cowboys' Jason Witten's adorable daughter Landry was SUPPOSED to get a braided ballerina bun, but let's just say there were some complications on the way. (Hey, if there's anything the Cowboys learned this season, it's that you can't win 'em all!) Click the video above for a look at the finished 30-second Super Bowl ad, or visit Pantene's official YouTube Channel to watch the full styling videos from each athlete. So how do you think they did? Was this concept just as adorable to you as it was to me? Let me know in the comments below and for more trending videos from across the web, follow my YouTube Nation collection!
Design Your Own Football Kit: The Ultimate Guide to Personalized Football Shirts
With millions of enthusiasts and athletes alike, football is among the most widely followed sports globally. One of the key elements of football is the team kit, which can be an important aspect of team identity and morale. Nowadays, customisable football kits and personalised football shirts are more accessible than ever before, thanks to advances in technology and the availability of online design tools. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of custom football shirts and design your own football kit, providing you with a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know. The Benefits of Customisable Football Kits Uniqueness: Designing your own football kit allows you to create a unique design that no one else will have. Team identity: A customised football kit can help to create a strong team identity, which can boost morale and help players to feel a sense of belonging. Branding: For clubs and organizations, custom football shirts can help to promote branding and sponsorships. Style: Designing your own football kit allows you to create a style that matches your team's personality and playing style. How to Design Your Own Football Kit Choose a design tool: There are several online design tools that allow you to create custom football shirts, such as Kit Builder, MyLocker, and Nike Football. Choose your colors: Select the colors you want to use for your football kit. You may want to choose colors that match your team's existing branding or go for something completely different. Add logos and text: Upload your team logo and add any text you want to include, such as player names or numbers. Select your shirt type: Choose the type of shirt you want to use, such as a short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt, and select the size and fit that is right for your team. Review your design: Before placing your order, make sure to review your design to ensure that it looks the way you want it to. You may want to have multiple team members review the design as well to ensure that everyone is happy with it. Things to Consider When Designing Your Own Football Kit Comfort: Make sure to choose a shirt type and fit that is comfortable for your team to wear during matches. Material: Different materials may offer different benefits, such as moisture-wicking or breathability, so consider which material is best for your team's needs. Durability: Your football kit will need to withstand regular use, so make sure to choose a design and material that is durable and long-lasting. Budget: Custom football shirts can range in price depending on the design, materials, and quantity ordered, so make sure to consider your budget when designing your kit. Customisable Football Kits at DEPEX Sportswear DEPEX Sportswear offers customisable football kits that can be tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of football teams. Their kits are designed with high-quality materials, and can be customised to incorporate team logos, names, and colors. To begin the process of designing custom football kits, teams can contact DEPEX Sportswear and provide their specific design requirements. The company's design team will work closely with the team to create a unique kit design that meets their needs. Once the design is finalized, the kits are manufactured using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art printing techniques. DEPEX Sportswear also offers a range of sizing options to ensure a comfortable fit for all team members. In addition to football kits, DEPEX Sportswear also offers customisable kits for a range of other sports, including basketball, rugby, and cricket. Their focus on quality and customisation makes them an excellent choice for teams looking to stand out on the field or court
Former NFL star Chad Johnson says he saved money by living inside Cincinnati Bengals stadium for two years
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