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Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is not a fan of how much run Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell is getting. Bell is the only NFL player with at least 1,000 rushing yards and 600 receiving yards this season, and he played all but two of the Steelers' 90 offensive snaps in a 35-32 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. He carried the ball a career-high 33 times in the Steelers' previous game, a 27-24 win at Tennessee on Nov. 17. Ben is scared probably because of what happened to the last Steelers great RB Willie Parker who was given bell cow duties before breaking his leg near the end of the season and never being the same again. Should Bell be getting all he can handle or should the Steelers wise up and store him up for the long run?
@Dantel Problem is they released Blount who was the backup. Now they could give carries to Tri Archer but he is a small diminutive speed back. As a rookie he probbaly isn't ready yet
Yeah they definitely need to give some more carries to the backup.
If they're not paying him big dollars then they should not be running him into the ground. But once they get paid, then they should hand it off to them as much as they want. But yeah if I was a RB in the NFL on my rookie contract, I would not want all those carries