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The rumors are rampant that 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh is going to be coaching for a new team next year either after he gets fired or traded. Rumors say he may get traded to Oakland or The Jets or he may even return to Michigan and coach there for life. But is this for real or is he going to be the coach for the 49ers next year? If the Niners let him go, they are making a big mistake. The man has led the Niners to a 43-16-1 record good for .725 winning percentage. Since 2011 that is 2nd in the NFL only behind Bill Belichick. Do the Niners not remember the ineptitude of coaches that came before Harbaugh? It would be silly for them to let him go and they need to come to grips that Harbaugh is just an emotional guy who will ruffle some feathers. Now the real problem for the Niners is Greg Roman, the offensive coordinator. He needs to go. The offense has been figured out by the NFL and especially the Seahawks who have now shut down the Niners 2 seasons straight. It's about time for a change there. Do you think Niners trade or fire Harbaugh? I certainly don't think so.
Ugh, that makes me feel upset, @EightyNine. Thank goodness it's not my main team, haha. I'd be fuming!
@sanityscout True but it seems like the rumors have only been intensifying since the offseason. It seems like the writing is on the wall
I really really hope they won't be foolish enough to let him go. You have a bad season sometimes. But you don't get a great coach like Harbaugh very easily. They would be fools. Weirder things have happened, though...
@sanityscout Except theyre doing well this year!
Oh. I'm sorry :( If it makes you feel better - you have lots of opportunities to feel sorry for me as a Cowboys fan haha.
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