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Angel Beats is my favorite anime haha
Well first of all the story is amazing and had me in tears (and I never cry for anything)! And 2nd of all it's full of action, plot twists and the character development is superb. Just watch it! Haha!
Thanks, @Cryomorph! I'm a big fan of character development, as you might see in my Anime Spotlight cards haha! I'll definitely have to watch it, especially since you and @sherrysahar are both endorsing it!
Let me know how you like it then!
Lol... that is definitely how I feel every Friday afternoon. I think it's a lifetime thing! Haha. Ooo.... and can you tell me more about Angel Beats? It would be so great if you could tell us a bit about what you like about it in the description, or even make a card about it! I'm trying to find new things to watch haha :) This community has been such a great place to share recommendations! Anyway, thanks for the laughs with this GIF :)
mine 2 :) <3