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I wonder how easy it would be to slide.....and how many slides I can do before getting kicked out...good thing my board is at home
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I've rode on this floor at this warehouse I use to explore that was still under construction :D it's so smooth and slippery!
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Before I graduated, I actually rode around in my gym, and it was amazing!!!! So smooth, but not good for slides....too much grip
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Theres so many abandoned places with nice floors around my town I wanna skate. Anyone a pro locksmith?
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At the gym in my school they have this same material up above the basketball court (there's a big walkway that we do laps on) and every time I run laps I think of skating on it. Its so smooth!
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@SteveLee772 I'm an amuter lock picker and a high intermediate at sneaking into places! :)
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