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i hate it wen people diffrentiate between men and woman it gets on my nerves!!! this episode of satyavamye vajayte made me cry so much like if your against this and dpnt want people to kill baby girls coz they want a boy???!!!!!!
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there's nothing we can ..i'm here and still what can i do..i write on social sites..on topics like this..that's the best i can..being a gal at times i too have limitations..hate it.... but hope and pray that someday things might change
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Seriously its very much heartbreaking to see all this happening in our country...
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yh even though most other things cover this side of india and people older people dont really do much
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ya and thats why i think that these types of classic shows must be broadcast on the channel...:):)
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Dang... I always knew things like this happened but after watching this, its really heart breaking. Hopefully change will come.
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