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It's been announced that Jared Leto will be the next Joker. He's been cast for the role of this most infamous of Gotham villains in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad. I'm a little torn. I really love Leto and his previous roles. He has definitely shown that he can play twisted figures, like in Requiem for a Dream and Fight Club. But I think Heath Ledger left some very tough shoes to fill with his legendary performance as the Joker before his tragic early death. I thought he was absolutely phenomenal and inventive in his portrayal. So much so that he won a posthumous Oscar and became a pop culture icon ("Why so serious?"). It hit me pretty hard when he died, because I followed his career as I grew up myself. I know, I can't very well expect that no one would ever play the Joker again. And actually I like the idea of Leto doing it better than other possibilities. But the casting news definitely also gave me a wave of sadness, like we are somehow really moving on now and putting aside Ledger's legacy. I hope thats not true, and I hope Leto will be great. There will be many Jokers to come, but to me, no one will ever be Heath Ledger ever again.
I really loved Ledger as the joker, too, but I think that it's also important that someone plays the role, sooner,rather than later! I think a lot of people fear it as a little bit cursed because of Heath's legacy. I think Leto will do a great job!!
I completely love Ledger as the Joker.. He was fantastic.
I hated the ledger joker so leto has to do better if ledger wasn't dead his role as the joker would be a mistake in movie history
That's a good way to look at it, @timeturnerjones. It makes me feel a little better!
I'm happy you said that, @FreshVeggie! I suspect that a lot of people feel the same way, and that will ensure that his role is never forgotten or replaced.