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Park Shin Hye
Why we love park shin hye!
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@honeysoo it's a new kdrama that came out staring lee hongki. I only watched the first episode because i had no time to continue. But it's really wierd and funny, you should check it out.
@carenabobo yeah you're right, it was really good. But the thing about Modern Farmer that I like is that Hongki is free to be himself. It was pretty hard for him to film Bride of the Century cause he had to act so serious. That's why I also liked You're Beautiful, he could be his childish and crazy self ^^
@carenabobo I've watched Bride of the Century. I have yet to finish it though... I really love it. And even if it was a challenge for Hongki to be serious, it does show off that he has acting skills, and has amazing determination to pull through. But I do understand your point of view.