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I might be old(48 really) but I have to say I love Longboarding. I'm so glad I have got back into it. It doesn't matter if you are good or bad, or have the best money can buy or the crappiest board. It's just that feeling you get from just rolling on your board馃槂馃槂
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@crazyheart they already have a hover board. It can only work on a special metallic surface, but the technology is already here. By the time you'll die, there will be usable hover boards hahaha. Same goes for most of us. I'm betting by 2030 it'll be on the shelves for like $1000.
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@steezus yeah I've seen them lol. Good technology but it won't work unfortunately. No reliable power source.
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Look at those Boosted Boards and E-Boards or whatever @crazyheart 3 years ago I thought that wasn't gonna be possible. They'll find a way man. Trust me.
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It won't buddy. There still burning fossil fuels to charge batteries. Let's agree to disagree bro lol :)
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Hahaha ok ok deal. *cough* they'll work *cough*
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