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Chicago health officials have been trying to tackle breast cancer among minorities by offering free mammograms at Roseland Hospital. The program has been launched but the women have not been going to get their free mammograms. In order to tackle this obstacle, the Chicago department of health has partnered with a private company, Civis, in order to help the city refine its outreach for their breast cancer screening program. They want to identify uninsured women from ages 40 and older living in the South Side of Chicago. Civis is working on this project pro bono, which I think is a wonderful gift. Data mining has been used by this company for political and marketing campaigns in the past and now they are helping Chicago find potential women to receive free medical exams. They were able to find, using clustering methods, areas in Chicago where living situation was correlated with having no insurance. The city used this information to mail flyers to about 5,000 women. The hospital did see an increase of 210% of their free mammograms for the month of October and expect to see more women coming in for the next couple of months. Check out the USA Today article on this topic in the link I attached.
This is awesome. Oddly enough, the last and only time I've ever been to Chicago was to attend ASCO's Breast Cancer Symposium. I'm a big advocate of low to no-cost breast cancer screenings for women, and it's amazing to see the strides they're making! :)
Great to read! Mammograms are so important, especially to women that age. Good for Chicago!
This is awesome to hear! The health care system reaching out to people who need it, rather than the other way around :)
@kristenadams, yes, it's so exciting to know this is happening...and the company is donating their time and not charging anything!