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lights, gps - Turn by turn and many more features! !
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@CarlosCastro Can you give us a little more information on what this is? I'm not really willing to click on the link, LOL. How is it better than Strava or a Garmin Edge?
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it uses your phone to tell if it's dark and will automatically turn on the headlights, it supposedly has a proximity sensor (whatever that is) the mint for your phone doubles as a charger for your phone also. while using your gps, it tells you how fast you're going and when you begin to slow down it automatically turns on the brake light for you, same if you're using the navigation. .and if you need to turnwhile using navigation, it automatically turns on the turn signal... or you can use the remote to turn in the turn signal. . it also talked about possible future integration of suspension parts and automatic dampening of the suspension. .
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