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Featuring my bass guitar - The Black Pearl - this is one of many examples of how product photography is used. I did the photos, did the layout, and wrote the copy. I am excited on a creative level by all three, photography, graphic design, and writing. Project likes these are a lot of work, but a lot of fun and they can be very satisfying creatively.
@JohnPatrickHyde Cool. I'm learning a lot through your comments. I usually use a white back drop, so I'm curious about how you did this. Thanks!
Was this taken with a black backdrop? I like your use of lighting. For product photography it's always a challenge to not get an awkward light flare.
Just added - :D
I'll post some examples for you of these "composite" images if you like...
These are all shot against a green screen - 9x12 - lit with 5 lights. Key and Fill, two background lights to get a uniform light exposure on the green screen - and a backlight to create an edge separation from the green screen. My studio is 20x30ft. - it's the space above my garage. It has a 14 foot ceiling so I can get the lights high and spread the subjects out (away from the background) to eliminate any green splashes of light. Once shot, I pull the images through camera raw into PS and drop the green out. I have done several images where the guitars are arranged in a certain way, like you'd arrange during a product shoot, but they were shot at separate times. I always shoot guitars the same way. The same height etc... setting on my tripod. So I always have a uniform viewing angle. If I want to place the guitars closer in the images, a little drop shadow on the guitars in the rear makes a world of difference to your eye. Your eye is tricked and you don't question, unless you are a photographer and are looking for it, that this is a real setup. I then create - and have created - countless plates - colored backgrounds, textures, etc... that I can use to create the backdrop space. It's much easier than dealing with flares, strange artifacts, and on dark backdrops - which I do own - I have to constantly clean the cat-fur off of them. LOL.
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ROCKO - The Bronx Maine Coon is so used to just getting up and going all hard-core NYC on people he's sort of taken on some less attractive personality traits... He'll just jump up and pummel you for LOOKING at his Sadowsky Bass. I mean, I can't blame him - the guitars made by my friend Roger Sadowsky are pretty much the tonal end-all-be-all. HUBBA BUBBA - In an odd North/South feud - Southern Georgia Maine Coone Hubba Bubba sits in a more casual, relaxed stance - mocking his "Yankee" cousin Rocko. H-Bub (his nickname) has often said that he hopes some "Carpet-baggin' Yankee Doodle Doo" comes back to the South to steal his favorite bass because he'd re-write history and win him a civil war of his own. And although I was born and raised in the South, I've never really understood all this North/South - "War of Northern Aggression" (what hard core Southerns call the Civil War) silliness. I mean jeez people (and cats), get over it! NONA (Nona The Eviscerator – also called the “Siamese of Destruction”) - One of the most feared and respected Ninja Guitar Guard Cats in the history of the profession. Born deep within the perilous mountains of Siam – Nona started her training as a 2 day-old kitten. At 8 weeks-old having shown an aptitude for violence on a Kurosawaian level – she was shipped to the hidden Cave of Caerbannog deep in the rocky wilds of the English Moors where she would be trained by the most fearsome warrior in the history of modern military combat; the Rabbit of Caerbannog. Now in semi-retirement in Southern California - Nona is teaching a select handful of young cats who've shown a tendency towards blood lust that rivals her distant ancestor, Genghis Wrath of Khan (the cat of notorious warrior Genghis Khan). Nona is guarding a VERY RARE Jazz bass that was converted to dual humbuckers - featuring some of the rarest AAAAA Tube Quilt Maple ever logged. AISA (The Death Bringer) - Aisa, who is the sibling of Nona - it's a long story involving a lost sea captain (The Pilot) who learns the ways of an Asian culture and adopts their warrior code - anyway... lacking her sister's gift of gratuitous violence and mind-bending accuracy when dispatching her foes, she became the "Shadow of Death" - a silent death bringer whose stealth and silence is legendary. By the time you realize she's there - it's too late, you're already dea................. ZEPHYR (The Leopard of Massacre) - Zephyr is an enigma, he's a lone hunter whose large size and strength belies the bard-like nature of his quiet soul. He's a warrior-poet who brings a beautiful symmetry to death as he brutally dismembers those who'd dare attempt to steal from him. He sits in a zen-like calmness - then with an explosion of energy that seems otherworldly in its speed and violence - he's on you like a lion on a gazelle; tearing your head of from behind and making oddly artistic patterns in the carpet with your blood. ABOUT THESE PHOTOS AND THE STORIES THAT ACCOMPANY THEM - My collection - Cats Who Guard Guitars - was born from a conversation I had with Alison Webster - a fellow photographer and wife of Death Metal legend Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse). I have done some custom design (paint graphic) work for Alex's guitars in the past. When looking at my collection of cat and guitar photos she commented they looked like "guard cats". I stated they were actually ninja cats and guarded my guitars with a ferocity unmatched in the animal kingdom. She said, "you should write outrageous stories to go along with each photo." And a new obsession was born.
Can I cancel my Delta Airlines Flight Ticket?
Delta Airline is one of the cheapest airlines in the United States. It offers its services all over the world. If you have booked your reservation with cancel my Delta Airlines Flight Ticket but need to cancel the flight for any reason, it is always recommended to review all cancellation policies before making a cancellation. Go through the following steps and get all the information quickly. What is Delta Airlines cancellation policy? Go through the following steps to learn everything about Delta Airlines cancellation policy in a very visual way and to do it easily. Delta Airline also has a 24-hour cancellation policy, according to which the user can easily cancel the reservation if it is made within 24 hours from the date of the original reservation. Also, the user will not be charged any cancellation fees The passenger can easily edit the booking within 24 hours and no fees will be charged. If the passenger canceled the flight and requested the refund, the refund depends on many factors such as ticket type and reservation type. If the passenger reservation ticket is a refundable ticket, the full amount will be applied to the reservation, and if the reservation is non-refundable, only the tax amount will be credited. If a problem occurs and the flight ticket is canceled by the airline itself, the passenger can easily receive some compensation amount from the Delta Airlines according to the Delta Airline cancellation policy. Passengers also have the option to convert the reservation ticket into the point, which can then later be used for future reservations. For the Delta flight cancellation process, the user must first open the browser, locate the official website and hover the cursor to manage the “My Booking” section. Enter the reservation number or PNR number to click the search option. The flight will be displayed on the screen, click on the specific flight and then tap on the edit option. Once this is done, click on the “Cancel” option. The user can also request the refund or save the booking for a future reservation It will take at least 3-4 business days from the original booking for the refund to be issued. The user can even cancel the booking with the help of a toll-free offline number as the user just needs to provide the representative with the booking details and then the flight is easily canceled and the refund is arranged hassle-free. That was all the information and details of Delta's cancellation policy. If you require any further information or details regarding Delta Airlines cancellation policy, do not hesitate to contact a customer care representative to speak with their trained and experienced representatives, they will try to help in any way they can. Delta is one of the busiest airlines that consists of very flexible and easy cancellation policies. Users can also send an email to Delta's official email address for easy answering of further questions.
Top 5 Laptops for architects under 1,000 dollars
As an architect, a reliable laptop is essential for your daily work. But, finding the perfect laptop that meets your requirements and fits your budget can be challenging. Fortunately, in 2023, there are several high-quality laptops available for architects under $1,000. This article will provide a list of the top ten laptops under $1,000 that are ideal for architects in 2023. Acer Nitro 5 If you’re an architect in search of a laptop that can handle demanding software applications, the Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop is a powerful machine worth considering. Its 15.6-inch Full HD display with a 144Hz refresh rate provides a seamless visual experience, making it ideal for tasks such as 3D modeling and rendering. This laptop is equipped with a 10th generation Intel Core i5–10300H processor, which can reach speeds of up to 4.5GHz, and a GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card that delivers excellent performance for gaming and creative tasks. With 16GB of RAM and a 512GB PCIe SSD, this laptop offers ample storage and fast data access speeds. In addition, the Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop features WiFi6 and a backlit keyboard, making it a convenient option for architects who work on-the-go. Overall, this laptop offers a great combination of performance, storage, and display, making it one of the top laptops in its price range for architects who require a powerful machine to handle demanding software applications. Lenovo IdeaPad For architects in need of a high-performing laptop, the Lenovo Flagship IdeaPad is a powerful option. Its 15.6-inch FHD IPS touchscreen display delivers crisp and clear visuals, enabling architects to work on detailed designs and models with ease. This laptop is powered by the 8-Core AMD Ryzen 7 5700U processor, which delivers impressive performance with speeds of up to 4.3GHz. With 24GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD, it provides ample storage space and fast data access speeds. Other features include a fingerprint reader for secure access, WiFi 6 connectivity, and up to 10 hours of battery life. Overall, the Lenovo 2022 Flagship IdeaPad offers excellent value for money, providing architects with a reliable and high-performing laptop. Its combination of powerful hardware, ample storage space, and useful features make it a great choice for architects seeking a top-performing machine. HP Pavilion 15 If you’re an architect seeking a high-performing laptop that is both powerful and portable, the HP Pavilion 15 Laptop is an excellent option. Its 11th Generation Intel Core i7–1165G7 Processor runs complex software applications at lightning-fast speeds, enabling architects to work efficiently. This laptop comes with 512GB of SSD storage and 16GB of RAM, providing plenty of room to store all of your work files and projects. The Full HD IPS micro-edge display delivers vivid and clear visuals, making it easy to work on intricate designs and models. The HP Pavilion 15 Laptop comes with the cutting-edge and user-friendly Windows 11 Pro operating system. Its small size and extended battery life make it ideal for working on-the-go, and its full-sized keyboard and numeric keypad guarantee comfortable and productive usage. Overall, the HP Pavilion 15 Laptop is a dependable and high-performing machine that architects seeking a powerful and portable laptop should consider. Its combination of powerful hardware, ample storage space, and long battery life make it a great choice for architects in need of a reliable and efficient laptop. Dell Inspiron 15 If you’re an architect searching for a dependable and robust laptop that can handle demanding workloads, the Dell Inspiron Laptop is an excellent option. The 15.6-inch HD display produces sharp and clear visuals, making it ideal for working on detailed designs and models. This laptop features an AMD Ryzen 5 3450U processor and 32GB of RAM, making it capable of handling complex tasks with ease. The 512GB SSD provides ample storage space for files and applications, while the webcam, HDMI port, and SD card reader allow for seamless collaboration with colleagues and clients. The laptop is also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling you to remain connected to the internet regardless of your location. Additionally, Windows 11 Home provides a modern and user-friendly interface, making it simple to navigate and use your laptop effectively. All things considered, the Dell Inspiron Laptop is an excellent option for architects who require a dependable and high-performing laptop at a reasonable price. Its combination of power, storage, and features makes it a fantastic choice for anyone on a tight budget. ASUS VivoBook S15 If you’re an architect who requires a powerful and portable laptop, the ASUS VivoBook S15 S533 is a top option. Its 15.6" FHD display offers clear and vibrant visuals, making it ideal for working on detailed designs and models. With an Intel Core i7–1165G7 CPU and 16GB DDR4 RAM, this laptop provides lightning-fast speeds and the ability to multitask with ease. The 512GB PCIe SSD offers ample storage for all your work files and projects. Additional features of the ASUS VivoBook S15 S533 include a fingerprint reader for enhanced security and convenience, as well as Wi-Fi 6 for fast and reliable internet connectivity. Windows 10 Home comes preinstalled, providing a familiar and easy-to-use operating system. Overall, the ASUS VivoBook S15 S533 is an excellent choice for architects who need a powerful and portable laptop. Its combination of powerful hardware, ample storage, and convenient features make it a reliable and high-performing machine for any architect on-the-go. To select a laptop suitable for architecture work, it’s crucial to assess the processor, RAM, storage, graphics card, and display. Architects require a powerful processor to operate complex software like AutoCAD and Revit, and abundant RAM to multitask. Solid-state drives (SSD) with faster boot and load times and dedicated graphics cards are essential to run 3D modeling apps smoothly. Architects need to work with accurate colors and wide viewing angles, necessitating high-quality displays. Apart from hardware specifications, size, weight, and battery life are also important considerations. Architects need to work while traveling, hence lightweight laptops with long battery life are imperative. Additionally, comfortable keyboards and touchpads are required for extended work sessions. In summary, various laptops below $1000 are ideal for architects in 2023. The 10 laptops discussed in this article offer a wide range of features and specifications that meet the needs of architecture work, from robust processors and abundant RAM to dedicated graphics cards and top-notch displays. When choosing a laptop, it’s essential to consider one’s specific requirements, budget, hardware specifications, size, weight, and battery life. Architects can work productively and efficiently with a suitable laptop, both at the office and on-the-go.
อ้างอิงรูปภาพการออกแบบโลโก้ลายไทยจาก LogoBigbang ที่เป็นนักออกแบบโลโก้มืออาชีพ การออกแบบโลโก้ลายไทยสามารถทำได้โดยใช้หลักการออกแบบทั่วไป แต่จะต้องมีการพิจารณาเรื่องความเป็นไทยและความสะท้อนความเป็นตัวตนของประเทศไทยอย่างชัดเจน นี่คือแนวทางออกแบบโลโก้ลายไทยที่ควรพิจารณา: 1. วัสดุเดิมพันธ์ุของไทย: ควรนำวัสดุพื้นฐานของไทยมาใช้ในการออกแบบเพื่อเป็นการแสดงถึงความเป็นไทยและความเชื่อถือของบริษัท 2. อักษรไทย: ควรเลือกใช้อักษรไทยที่เหมาะสมกับธีมของโลโก้และมีความน่าสนใจ ไม่เพียงแต่การเลือกอักษรที่สวยงาม 3. สี: ควรเลือกสีที่เข้ากันได้กับสีของธงชาติ และสีที่เป็นอยู่และได้รับการยอมรับในวัฒนธรรมไทย เช่น เขียว แดง เหลือง 4. รูปทรง: ควรเลือกรูปทรงที่สอดคล้องกับธีมและแสดงถึงลักษณะเฉพาะของบริษัท โดยอาจจะนำลายแบบจากธาตุสัญลักษณ์ต่างๆ ในวัฒนธรรมไทยมาประยุกต์ใช้ 5. ความเข้าใจง่าย: โลโก้ควรออกแบบให้ง่ายต่อการจำได้และเข้าใจง่ายโดยไม่ต้องใช้ความสมบูรณ์และซับซ้อนมากนัก 6. สื่อความหมาย: ควรให้โลโก้สื่อความหมายที่ชัดเจน และสามารถแสดงถึงคุณค่าของบริษัทและสินค้าหรือบริการที่มีอยู่ได้อย่างชัดเจน 7. สัมผัส: โลโก้ควรสร้างความรู้สึกให้ผู้ดูโลโก้ได้สัมผัสถึงการเป็นไทยและความเป็นตัวตนของประเทศไทย โดยอาจนำมาประยุกต์ใช้สมมติฐานของธรรมชาติ ภูมิปัญญาท้องถิ่น เช่น ลายนกกระจอก ลายดอกไม้ เป็นต้น 8. รูปแบบออกแบบ: ควรมีการเลือกรูปแบบออกแบบที่เหมาะสมกับลักษณะของธีมและสื่อความหมายของโลโก้ โดยเฉพาะรูปแบบที่สามารถนำไปใช้กับการตลาดและการโฆษณาได้อย่างง่ายดาย 9. การสร้างความเชื่อมั่น: โลโก้ควรสร้างความเชื่อมั่นให้กับลูกค้า โดยเลือกใช้รูปแบบและสีที่เข้ากันได้กับองค์กร และสร้างความรู้สึกว่าองค์กรเป็นองค์กรที่น่าเชื่อถือและมีความมั่นคง 10 การรักษาความสมดุล: ควรรักษาความสมดุลระหว่างสิ่งที่เป็นไทยและสิ่งที่เป็นสากลในการออกแบบโลโก้ เพื่อให้โลโก้สื่อความหมายได้อย่างชัดเจน การออกแบบโลโก้ลายไทยเป็นศิลปะ และการออกแบบที่มีความซับซ้อน และต้องมีความรู้ความเข้าใจในศิลปะและวัฒนธรรมไทยเป็นพื้นฐาน ดังนั้น หากต้องการหานักออกแบบโลโก้ลายไทยที่เก่ง ควรเลือกดูจากผลงานและประสบการณ์ของนักออกแบบดังต่อไปนี้: 1. นายภูมิพล ธิติเศรษฐกุล: เป็นนักออกแบบโลโก้ลายไทยที่มีผลงานมากมายและได้รับความนิยมจากลูกค้าทั้งในและต่างประเทศ เช่น โลโก้ห้างสรรพสินค้าเอ็มบีเค เข้ากับหัวใจ และโลโก้กลุ่มอาสาสมัครเพื่อสังคม เป็นต้น 2. นายชัชวาล เพียงสุข: เป็นนักออกแบบที่มีผลงานที่เน้นความเป็นไทยและการใช้สี ลาย และอักษรไทยในการออกแบบโลโก้ เช่น โลโก้บริษัทเคเอ็น ครั้งที่ 6 และโลโก้ องค์การทหารไทย ปี 2560 เป็นต้น 3. นายสมชาย ปิยะวัฒน์: เป็นนักออกแบบที่มีผลงานที่ได้รับความนิยมและรับการยอมรับจากลูกค้าหลายแห่ง เช่น โลโก้ไทยแลนด์ เดอะ โชว์ โลโก้โรงแรมมาริออท และโลโก้บริษัทไอ-พี-อาร์ เป็นต้น ออกแบบที่เป็นไทยและมีความเชื่อถือได้อย่างแน่นอน เหตุผลที่แนะนำชื่อนักออกแบบเหล่านี้คือเพราะพวกเขามีความรู้ความเข้าใจที่ลึกซึ้งในศิลปะและวัฒนธรรมไทย และสามารถนำศิลปะและวัฒนธรรมไทยมาประยุกต์ใช้ในการออกแบบโลโก้อย่างคล่องแคล่ว นอกจากนี้ยังมีผู้ให้บริการรับออกแบบโลโก้ลายไทยอื่น ๆ ที่มีผลงานที่น่าสนใจและได้รับการยอมรับจากลูกค้า แต่ผมขอแนะนำให้คุณดูผลงานและประสบการณ์ของนักออกแบบก่อนที่จะตัดสินใจเลือกใครในการออกแบบโลโก้ลายไทยสำหรับองค์กรหรือธุรกิจของคุณ
Ofertasya- Reparación De Computadoras En Santo Domingo
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Thi cong alu
Cùng với sự phát triển mạnh mẽ của ngành xây dựng trong những năm gần đây, nhu cầu thiết kế, thi cong alu được nhiều khách hàng tin dùng. Tuy nhiên, không phải ai cũng có đủ hiểu biết và kinh nghiệm về mặt hàng xây dựng này. Trong bài viết dưới đây Wincons xin phép báo giá thi công alu với các mẫu tấm lợp thông minh mới nhất dưới đây của Wincons hy vọng sẽ hữu ích đối với bạn nhất năm 2023. 1. Wincons – Đơn vị thi cong alu nội ngoại thất chất lượng – Hiện nay, nhu cầu thiết kế, thi công alu trang trí nội ngoại thất đang được nhiều người tiêu dùng Việt hướng đến. Đó là lựa chọn an toàn, tiết kiệm, hiệu quả, mang tính thẩm mỹ cao đối với mọi công trình xây dựng. Nếu bạn đang lên ý tưởng thi công alu cho ngôi nhà của mình, hãy cùng Wincons tham khảo bài viết dưới đây, đển chọn lựa được nhà thầu thi cong alu trang trí nội ngoại thất tốt nhất cho công trình của bạn nhé. – Wincons chuyên thi cong alu trang trí , tấm lợp alu , tấm trang trí alu chuyên nghiệp. Tấm alu một trong những sản phẩm đang rất hót hiện nay, được nhiều người sử dụng thay vì các vật liệu khác. Đối với Aluminium bạn vừa tiết kiệm được tài chính, vừa tiết kiệm được thời gian thi công vì nó dễ dàng thi công hơn những vật liệu khác. Tấm trang trí alu cũng rất thông dụng và phổ biến, dễ thấy và mua. Nếu bạn có dự án muốn thi công alu trang trí nội ngoại thất có thể liên hệ Wincons Hotline : 0937.146.179 để được tư vấn miễn phí nhé. – Vì thế, thi cong alu đang là lựa chọn chủ yếu cho các công trình mặt dựng quảng cáo và mặt dựng công cộng. Nếu bạn đang có nhu cầu thi công mặt dựng alu, hãy cùng Wincons tham khảo những thông tin cơ bản dưới đây. 2. Báo giá thi cong alu trang trí nội ngoại thất tốt nhất 2023 – Dưới đây là bảng báo giá thi cong alu trang trí nội ngoại thất cao cấp giá tốt nhất 2023 tại Việt Nam. Quý khách hàng có có nhu cầu thi công alu trang trí có thể liên hệ qua số Hotline : 0937.146.179 để được tư vấn 2.0 Cấu tạo chung của Tấm Alu trang trí nội ngoại thất – Cũng giống như các loại trang trí làm bằng chất liệu khác trên thị trường, Tấm alu ngoài trời cũng có kết cấu gồm  2 phần: Tấm alu và Kết cấu khung thép 2.1. Tấm Alu – Nếu bạn chọn tấm Alu dùng cho mái sảnh nên chọn loại sản phẩm chuyên dụng ngoài trời, đảm bảo độ dày nhôm lớn nhất để tăng độ bền, độ dẻo của sản phẩm, hạn chế tối đa tác động, ảnh hưởng từ môi trường bên ngoài. – Độ phủ nhôm bạn có thể chọn một trong các thông số sau: 0,06mm, 0,1mm, 0,15mm, 0,18mm, 0,21mm, 0,3mm, 0,4mm, 0,5mm…. Nếu công trình đòi hỏi độ kiên cố, chắc chắn cao bạn nên chọn độ phủ nhôm dày dặn để gia tăng tuổi thọ – Độ dày tấm Alu thông thường: từ 2mm đến 5mm – Kích thước tấm Alu dùng cho thi cong alu trang trí nội ngoại thất: 1220mm x 2440mm – Màu sắc đa dạng nên khách hàng có thể thoải mái lựa chọn theo nhu cầu: trắng, vàng, cam, xanh, xám… – Hiện nay có rất nhiều hãng phân phối dòng sản phẩm alu đến tay người tiêu dùng. Hãy chọn thương hiệu uy tín nhất để an tâm hơn với công trình xây dựng của mình. BẢNG MÀU ALU TRIEUCHENBẢNG MÀU ALU ALCOREST2.2. Kết cấu khung thép – Thi cong alu ở sảnh ngoài trời, phần khung thép sẽ được dấu kín bên trong nên quá trình làm mái khá đơn giản, chỉ cần tính toán làm sao cho an toàn, tính năng chịu lực của mái tốt nhất là được. – Kết cấu khung thép alu thi công mái đơn giản hơn rất nhiều so với khung thép của mái nhựa hoặc mái kính nên giúp gia chủ tiết kiệm được phần nào chi phí. – Khung thép thi công mái Alu ngoài trời thường được làm từ hộp sắt kích thước đa dạng. Riêng phần mái diện tích lớn cần dùng thép hình chữ I, chữ T hoặc chữ U hoặc kết hợp tất cả các loại thép nói trên. 3. Đặc điểm chung của thi công alu trang trí nội ngoại thất – Mặt dựng Alu là tấm nhôm alu bọc bên ngoài mặt tiền, được dùng thay thế cho các bức tường thô sơ của các công trình, tòa nhà. Sử dụng dịch vụ thi công mặt dựng Alu vừa có tác dụng bảo vệ mặt tiền của tòa nhà vừa tăng tính thẩm mỹ riêng cho công trình – Còn tấm Alu là tấm ốp hợp kim bằng nhựa Aluminum vốn là dạng hợp kim dạng tấm, nó được cấu thành từ hai lớp nhôm kết dính nhau bằng lớp keo siêu bền cùng một lớp lõi bằng nhựa có khả năng chống cháy cao. – Về thi cong alu đã có mặt trên thị trường gần chục năm nay và đang từng bước chiếm lĩnh thị trường nước ta. Vật liệu này trở thành lựa chọn phổ biến trong thiết kế thi công bảng hiệu quảng cáo ngoại thất, nội thất. – Đặc điểm của dòng sản phẩm này có cấu tạo gồm  7 lớp với chức năng hoàn toàn khác nhau: Lớp ngoài cùng: gọi là lớp phim bảo vệ. Lớp thứ hai: gọi là lớp sơn bề mặt. Lớp thứ 3: lớp nhôm mặt trước. Lớp thứ 4: là lớp nhôm mặt sau. Lớp thứ 5: là lớp keo dán chắc chắn. Lớp thứ 6: tức là lớp nhựa. Lớp thứ 7: tức lớp sơn lót mặt sauNhững loại tấm Alu ngoài trời lắp đặt cho mái sảnh. 4. Ưu điểm nổi trội của thi cong alu trang trí nội ngoại thất Sản phảm có độ bền vượt trội > 20 năm, không bị oxi hóa bởi các tác động của môi trường và thời tiết bên ngoài. Tấm lợp Aluminium ngoài trời có nhiều màu sắc tùy chọn, nhằm đáp ứng được nhu cầu thẩm mỹ cao Sản phẩm dễ dàng uốn cong, bẻ góc, cắt, tạo hình… Với trọng lượng nhẹ, tấm lợp Aluminium dễ dàng vận chuyển khi thi công lắp ráp Bề mặt nhẵn, dễ dàng vệ sinh giúp cho bề mặt vật liệu luôn như mới. Tấm lợp Aluminium ngoài trời có khả năng cách âm cách nhiệt tốt Ngoài ra tấm tấm lợp Aluminium ngoài trời còn có những ưu điểm nổi trội như sau. Mời quý khách hàng cùng tham khảo: 4.1. Độ bền cao – Theo đánh giá của các kiến trúc sư chuyên nghiệp, việc thi cong alu trang trí ngoại thất rất bền, có thể chống chịu tốt trước mọi loại hình khắc nghiệt của thời tiết. Thêm nữa, Alu có khả năng hạn chế tối đa sự ăn mòn do hóa chất, chống rêu mốc, giảm bám bụi, cách nhiệt, chống cháy nổ tốt, tính năng chịu lực lớn. 4.2. Thi công alu, công tác triển khai đơn giản – Vì trọng lượng của Alu nhẹ hơn nhiều so với các vật liệu kim loại khác nên giảm một cách đáng kể trọng lượng của mặt dựng Alu. Sản phẩm có tính đàn hồi cao, có thể uốn cong, tạo hình dễ dàng với vô vàn kiểu dáng khác nhau. Thi công mặt dựng Alu vì thế mà thuận tiện, dễ dàng. 4.3. Tính ứng dụng cao – Tấm Alu được dùng để làm bảng hiệu quảng cáo, ốp mặt tiền, làm vách ngăn, trang trí nội ngoại thất… Bề mặt Alu bóng đẹp, bằng phẳng tạo cảm giác sang trọng, tinh tế, bạn có thể kết hợp với nhiều vật liệu khác để gia tăng tính thẩm mỹ cho công trình xây dựng. 4.4. Màu sắc đa dạng – Giả gạch cổ, vân gỗ, vân đá hoa cương, màu kim loại, màu trơn… phù hợp với mọi công trình xây dựng – Sản phẩm có tính chống nắng tốt, cách âm, cách nhiệt hiệu quả. 4.5. Giá thành rẻ – So với các loại mặt dựng truyền thống, thi cong alu giúp tiết kiệm chi phí hơn nhiều. 5. Các thiết kế phổ biến trang trí Alu trên thị trường CÔNG TY TNHH KIẾN TRÚC XÂY DỰNG WINCONS Văn phòng chính: 1A21/2 Trần Văn Giàu, Phạm Văn Hai, Bình Chánh, TP. Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam. Văn phòng đại diện: Số 02, đường số 11, Phú Hữu, Tp. Thủ Đức, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam Xưởng gia công: 1A21/2 Trần Văn Giàu, Ấp 1, Phạm Văn Hai, Bình Chánh, TP. Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam. Điện thoại: 0348 111 468 – 0937 146 179 Website: Wincons Blog liên kết :
How to Handle a Bad Day in Photography: 5 Tips to Help You Pick Up the Pieces
It happens. You’ve had a bad day. Maybe your photo didn’t turn out the way you hoped, or someone was less than kind to you. Whatever it is, it can leave us feeling deflated and defeated. As photographers, we spend countless hours working on our craft – so much that if something goes wrong, we tend to take it personally. But regardless of how personal an issue may be for us, there’s nothing productive about wallowing in self-pity and negativity. And that means, no matter how low you feel, there are ways to get back up and dust yourself off again! Here are five tips to help you pick up the pieces when a bad day in photography strikes. Take a break Photo disasters can leave us feeling super-frustrated, but that doesn’t have to mean you have to immediately try to bounce back. The best thing to do when you’re feeling down is to take a break from photography. We’re so used to constantly pushing ourselves to be better every single day that sometimes, it’s good to just step back and take stock of where you are and where you’re at. You might realize that you’ve been working harder than you need to or that you’ve been looking for outside validation for something that’s quite internal. Whatever it is, it’s important to take time to get your head straight again so you can return feeling re-energized and ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead! Know when to quit If someone had told you before you started your photography career that you’d have a bad day, it would’ve been a bad day. But in your mind, you’re like, “Surely it’s going to get better. And if it doesn’t, I’ll keep trying!” Well, chances are you’ve been trying for a while now, and it’s high time you choose to walk away. Bad days don’t magically go away; they just get worse. And while you may feel like you must keep going because you’re committed to your career, it’s important to remember that you are a human being first and foremost. If something is really draining you and affecting your quality of life, you need to take a step back and consider if that’s really worth it. Re-evaluate your approach When we’re feeling down, it can be tempting to blame other people or circumstances for our bad day. But the thing is, that’s what photographers do when things go wrong! We’ve all heard it said that the pictures don’t lie, but we often forget that the photographer’s approach plays a big part. You may be approaching a project in the wrong way or trying a certain style of photography that may not be for you. Maybe you’re planning a shoot that doesn’t make sense to you or that you’re not completely excited about. Maybe you’re even trying something that’s bad for you – like trying to take a specific kind of photo that inherently has things against it (such as a bad location, difficult subject, etc.). It may be that you need to re-evaluate your approach, so you don’t keep finding yourself with a bad day. Find a light side hustle You may be thinking, “But I love photography!” And that’s great! We all have to find ways to make a living while we pursue our passions. But before you get all upset and say, “I wish photography was just a hobby!” remember that there are many, many careers that you can enjoy as a hobby – and photography is just one of them. There are many things you can do to fill the time between client jobs that are light and fun to keep your mind off the negative – like taking up a new hobby, reading a book, or spending time with friends and family. Look for the silver lining When we’re experiencing a downer, it can often help to look for the silver lining. Maybe you’ve looked at your bad days from a broader perspective, and you realize that the majority of the time, they don’t actually affect you. Maybe you’ve realized that bad days happen to everyone, and they don’t really matter at all. Whatever it is, it can be helpful to look for a silver lining on a bad day. Bad days don’t have to be debilitating; they just have to be something we can learn from. It might be something you did well or something you were doing before you were ready to give up. It might be something you saw in a client’s photograph that you could use in your next shoot. It might be a piece of advice or just something that makes us all feel better about ourselves and our place in the world. Conclusion Bad days don’t have to mean that you have to give up on photography. In fact, you can use them as a chance to learn something new and better for your next project. And that’s the best thing about bad days - they don’t have to ruin your day or make you feel defeated. It’s all about finding the silver lining, re-evaluating your approach, and looking for the good in what’s happened. Whether you’ve had a bad day photography-wise or something else has been bothering you, know that you’re not alone. Everyone goes through rough patches, and they can be a precious opportunity to reflect, re-evaluate, and find a way forward once again.
How to Speak to someone at Turkish Airlines?
Many of you must have put your plans on hold because of the pandemic. But since you heard about the COVID-19 vaccine, all you want to do is pack your bag and get ready for your favorite destination, right? Turkish Airlines is the number one choice when it comes to getting away from it all and discovering the world. But planning a trip during the pandemic will not be easy, there will often be times when you want to speak to the travel experts. In this article, you will not only find the Speak to someone at Turkish Airlines customer service number, but also how the experts can help you. Also, you will learn the method of booking flights with Turkish Airlines and other important details. About Turkish Airlines Turkish Airlines was founded in 1933 with just five aircraft. Today it is a four-star airline that travels to around 250 countries in the world with around 250 aircraft. Turkish Airlines services are famous for their hospitality and affordable prices. Turkish Airlines Customer Service Department makes every effort to listen to passengers and suggest the most appropriate solutions. Turkish Airlines customer service phone number 1-866-980-7279 is the best toll free number for Turkish customer support. Instead of looking for travel experts and using the services that will cost you arm and leg, you can call this number and speak to Turkish Airline Customer Service and remove any doubt. Wondering how to talk to a travel agent without putting the call on hold for hours? Before learning how to talk to a Turkish Airlines customer service provider, you need to know how to make the call productive. Things to remember while Turkish Airlines Customer Service Number Even though Turkish Airlines customer support unit is fully committed to providing the most suitable solutions to your problems, chances are you may not have a productive conversation with them. That is why we have noted some things you should do or consider before calling Turkish Airlines USA phone number. If you have any problems. Define your problem and tell the agent what you have tried to do to get rid of it. Have a pad and pen ready to jot down the notes or steps that will be instructed by the Turkish customer service provider. Make sure you're talking to a real person. Press the required button on your phone to skip the recorded session. Call Turkish Airlines Beirut phone number in the morning, it is the best time of day to call. If it is your reserved flight, keep the details of the flights e.g. B. "Email confirmation", "Name (who booked the flight)", "Departure and arrival details", etc. Once you are done with the above, take out your phone and dial the Turkish Airlines phone number to speak to a customer service provider.
My friend Chris Loe was in the depths of chemotherapy induced depression when he called me and instead of asking me to give him a pep-talk or talk to him about how I beat a deadly form of cancer myself (the usual topic of our conversations); he told me he needed to get his mind off of everything and could I distract him with any stories I had from the interviews I conduct with famous musicians. This wasn't like him at all. I heard the fear and the near panic in his voice. I did what he asked. I had just shot an interview with legendary bassist Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, Mos Def, Annie Lennox, Depeche Mode, James Brown, and countless others). Doug was one of his biggest influences as a musician and he owned a signature Doug Wimbish bass at the time. I told him all about the interview and my conversations with Doug. Doug Wimbish is a musician's musician, a true gentleman and mentor, he's a rock star and sincerely one of the kindest, nicest, most professional and gifted people I've ever met. Towards the end of the call I could tell Chris was feeling a little better. I asked him how his treatments were going, how his wife and kids were holding up. He broke down into tears and said he worried at times that he was just not special enough to make it. It broke my heart. How do you tell someone in that horrible situation that they do matter? Chris was a music teacher who has taught and nurtured countless young musicians. I got an idea... I got on the phone to every musician I knew. I emailed those I couldn't reach. I briefly told them about Chris, a teacher, a father, a truly giving and loving person, and how as our brother in music, he needed us. I asked that each musician simply write a quick note on a sheet of paper. Something simple, like "You Will Win"- and take a photo of themselves performing or in the studio or where-ever - with that image. I then planned on putting them on a webpage as a surprise for Chris, to show him that he has made a difference and he does matter. I asked Doug Wimbish if he could do one of these photos, to which he immediately responded "Absolutely!" He was in the middle of recording a new Living Colour album while he was touring with Ms. Lauryn Hill. He had no free time and was exhausted when I spoke with him. A week went by and I started getting emails with photos... from Dirty Ray (Bret Michaels Band), Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse), Abe Millet (Third Eye Blind), Dave Moody (Billy Ray Cyrus), Actress and Musician Jessica Pimentel (Orange is the New Black), Marty O'Brien (Methods of Mayhem, We Are The Fallen), and many, many more. But nothing from Doug. I hated bothering him, knowing how busy he was, so I sent his wife a quick email. I knew how amazing a photo from Doug would be for Chris. It was 3am on East Coast when Doug texted me and said he had just sent me an email. What he sent me - blew me away. He sent a video instead of a photo. In the video he told Chris to keep fighting and once he was better, he invited Chris to come to a Living Colour concert as his guest and join the band on stage. Doug was exhausted and I could tell he was dead tired - but he took the time to make a video for Chris. To see the page I created and the professional musicians who contributed photos and videos to show Chris support (over 80) - visit this page -