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Every year since 2007, DJ Earworm has taken the calendar year’s 25 biggest pop songs and combined them into an incredibly popular, joyfully constructed mash-up, perennially dubbed the “United State of Pop.” This track includes Sam Smith, John Legend, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Nick Minaj, Jason Derulo, and Pharrell just to name a few! In an interview with Billboard, Earworm describes the changes we hear in his songs from year to year: The thing that has been most notable in the past two or three years is the decline of EDM,” says Earworm of the 25 songs he selected for this year’s song. “The ‘United State of Pop’ became this dance track from ’09 to ’12, and then starting last year, there just wasn’t enough in that genre to fully support it, so I went down-tempo. And this year, ‘Timber,’ which was popular in January, is the only popular dance track I’m dealing with. It’s definitely down-tempo, so you have to decide, how is this going to go? How am I going to maintain the energy levels while being true to the sound of the year?” This wasn't my favorite track from United States of Pop, but I can already feel it stuck in my head :)
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Very catchy probably gonna be stuck in my head for a while... I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to hear some of Frozen's Let it Go, but it kinda caught me off guard lol
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