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I finally got to ride my board and boy do I love it with bones reds in the wheels the trucks are good and the wheels are fair I'll wear them out then switch to my spare mercers 78a's but all in all and the board is super comfortable to ride and I can't be happier thanks to everyone that helped me get back to feeling the road under my wheels and get the feeling of flight back by getting the right board.
@EugeneAlcantar you have no idea man I've so stressed that it came to a point that my gf felt just how tense i was that she thought I had over stressed my muscles and I worried her so much and I felt so bad cuz shes in the middle of finals and I was distracting her but when I stepped onto my board tonight (even tho a rock threw me from my board lol) it was like everything that was stressing me melted away so thanks bro (sorry for the life story had ti get it out)
@RobertAHamm hell yeah they have and it just makes coming here and talking to everyone even more awesome
@EugeneAlcantar that's very true everyone on here has been awesome helpful and supportive
@RobertAHamm yeah man I mean everyone in this community is like another family to me because everyone here is just awesome
well still bro thanks @EugeneAlcantar
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