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I'm working at a Starbucks right now during a really rainy day, and I just got their new holiday drink, the Chestnut Praline Latte! It's got candied chestnuts on top! Did you guys know that they can put it in a Starbucks 'for here' mug for you for free? It tastes so much better that way! (Well, in my opinion, at least.) What's your favorite Starbucks holiday drink? I know our Coffee community moderator @hikaymm probably has one!
I have a Starbucks mug like that, I got it for Xmas a few years back and I love it, (*_*)
@TechAtHeart I like chai lattes too. If this one didn't exist, that would've been my first choice. ;)
@TechAtHeart I usually hate hot drinks, but this has been the right weather for them!
@hikaymm Do it! I love the idea of holiday cookie lattes. Well, visually. I don't know how well they'd actually taste!
@danidee Why are you torturing me like this!! You know that I am far away (and my starbucks doesn't have this special!) We do have a weird holiday cookie one, though, but I'm totally not a fan!! Maybe I'll go get one just to get a picture for you
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