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Don’t you just hate it when you are cruising along in a perfectly great K-drama and then...Wait, what was I writing about? I forget. Oh, yeah, because I just got amnesia. 1. Boys over Flowers Amnesia Grade: B+ This show includes almost every move in the K-drama playbook, so maybe not including amnesia would be the greater crime. 2. Shining Inheritance Amnesia Grade: A- The amnesia by the grandmother, Jang Sook Ja, is an early plot point, sets up most of the events that follow, and, while I am no doctor, at least seems fairly realistic. 3. Trot Lovers Amnesia Grade: D- What’s worse than a case of amnesia? Selective amnesia. Seriously, if I am ever in a K-drama and I meet my soulmate I am going to wear a helmet all the time. There are no other lessons to take away from this. None. 4. I Hear Your Voice Amnesia Grade: B- This amnesia plot was well-acted, but I couldn't help but feel it served only one purpose. Lee Jong Suk's character needs to go away until he isn’t in high school so that rocking that noona romance won’t be so weird. 5. Stairway to Heaven Amnesia Grade: C- In Stairway to Heaven, Jung Suh’s evil step-sister hits her with a car and she gets amnesia. Then, the same sister hits her again later and she gets her memory back. This is a beautiful series, but I really don’t think that is how amnesia works. So what amnesia plot twists did I forget (pun intended)???
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I totally forgot about that part of boys over flowers hahahahhaha