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Lol ha ha @stargaze funny you you put it that way, because I am a Salesman/Marketr. Been selling for over 30 years, I demostrate/sell Little Giant Ladders at Costco kb weekends. So I'm constantly pitching something. But that sounds like an excellent idea/Project fur me and my cause and thoughts, perhaps an eye opener for some. But I must warm you that I pull no punches, and we're about to BLAST a Goliath of a Corporate Monster with heavy, very heavy political ties. So I am, we are saying "NO to GMOs"(genetically, environment harming....) and No to "MONSATAN"! (Monsanto...they make the seeds and pesticides that are killing our little Bees. Yes, then we're next because they spray us from planes.)
@OGMoneyCash this is a good cause you're trying to bring to everyone's attention, but your title may be perceive by others as spam. Do you mind shortening it? Also, If you don't mind, I think it would be great if you can voice your thoughts about "how devastating a life without bees would be" in the description. I'm sure community members from the gardening and environment will find it inspiring. :)
Yes! And I feel that this image says more than a thousand words about the effects of not having our Bees for fertilization. Pretty grim reality wouldn't you say @sophiamor ?? o_O
Very true. Bees contribute much more than honey to our earth!
Ha ha my friend @Nisfit I finally did it! U will first Save the images to my device then add from gallery. How neat and easy. :) Again thnx for your interest. So what's your opinion of the importance if our beautiful wonderful Bees?? :)
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