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My older sister, also known as the inspiration behind 90% of my vegan recipe cards, decided to contribute in a new way this time around. She knows I love quirky little reinventions of classic art, so here are some famous paintings in art history replicated with Jelly Belly brand jelly beans! (This company, if you're not familiar, has any flavor from marshmallow to draft beer, so she obviously had a lot of colors to work with.) You can check out the rest of Kristen's jelly bean art at the link below. Or you can just buy a bunch of bulk Jelly Bellies and try to create a portrait of your dog. (Not that I'm doing that. I'm just saying you could. Cough.)
Whaaaat I really don't like eating jelly beans so this seems like the perfect use for them :)
Wow! This looks incredibly time consuming but the result is great! I particularly like the first two, bravo on the execution.
I've taken pictures of jelly bean pictures at the museum near us. I should post them sometime. Though they aren't classical in reference. >_> They're still neat.
This is super dope!
not only is doing portraits hard but in another meduim never used, wow I'm amazed, what patience good for her
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