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The younger generation in Japan is known around the world for their kooky fashion, so when you mix that with the Japanese tradition of displaying plastic food in front of restaurants, you get something truly magical. Created by food sample company Hatanaka, these necklaces go for around 7900 yen, a little less than 70 dollars, but that's a small price to pay for looking spicy. If you're looking to look sweet, there's a strawberry with whipped cream necklace as well, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. There are also omelette, salami, spaghetti neopolitan, citrus fruits, and many more, all depending on your taste. Whatever food you choose, you're bound to look delicious.
@danidee I love pepperoni, but that much? you would need some cracker earrings.
I'll take the pepperoni necklace.
I don't think I could wear these, but I will nod my head and say "hmmm!" lol
Ew what even?! These are totally weird haha
I can't decide if I love this or hate this hahah The spaghetti necklace is sort of amazing!