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Does anyone this that its weird that there are 10 spheres that made it out of the maze but 2 are trapped inside? Is that meant to be a reference to Luhan and Kris? I'm not sure what to think of this, but I am intrigued to say the least!
@neyney614 @honeysoo @ChelaSimoneau @lizzie28 @jiggzy19 @MattK95 @BrendaVasquez @danidee @PhotoGirl397 I hope that the music video and concept don't do anything that alludes to Kris and Luhan. They've all suffered enough as it is :(
It's exactly what I thought when I first saw this!
I miss Kris so much like damn :( excited for the comeback tho!!
@MattK95 Maybe YG can give SM some lessons on treating their artists right. My heart broke seeing how sad and hurt luhan and kris looked before leaving EXO and im so happy they did leave. Now they look healthier and happier. Wish they could have been healthy and happy while in EXO but SM dint think that could happen...
What the heck SM!??!?! That is sooo rude!!
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