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The investigation resulted that there was not enough evidence to prove that North Korea was behind this assassination. However, the Royal secretary made Hang Ah appear in a public trial (in front of the Congress). Royal Secretary (who is controled by evil guy) play around with Jae Ha and Hang Ah so there was misunderstanding between them. She was really upset about Jae Ha's not coming to the trial that she could not sleep during the night, and she even had a nightmare of Jae Ha shooting her with a gun!! The next day, they had a fight about it. Hang Ah said that Jae Ha is indeed a rubbish and ask him to admit to the people that their king is such a jerk…and our of rage, Jae Ha told Hang Ah to go back to North Korea… Read my screenshots and recap for next episodes at
@soula81 sure dear ^^ let me see if i can do it quick enough :)
can you make screencaps of tonight's ep 11 preview so i can use them as photos for ep 11 live recap?