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Pentatonix has made an impressive number of amazing acapella hits, and they've also taken on some great Holiday hits, too! While I don't think their version of Carol of the Bells beats Destiny Child's version for me, it's still pretty amazing. The percussion and range that they can produce with just their mouths is impressive. I'm always most impressed by what I'm sure are drums, but they're not! So, this year while you're spending a relaxing day by the fire, or just cuddled up in bed, listen to these amazing songs~ 1. Little Drummer Boy 2. Carol of the Bells 3. O Come, O Come Emmanuel 4. The Christmas Song 5. This Christmas 6. Angels We Have Heard on High 7. Oh Holy Night 8. Silent Night & Mistletoe (Live) 9. Under the Mistletoe (Live) Watch in playlist form:
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