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CL is preparing for her American debut and I'm so excited and happy for her!! She will do great things!!
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@ChelaSimoneau @MattK95 he kissed CL too and I thought he was ruining the value of her face haha. I hope she isn't influenced by people like him. if the media is right about him he is a Jerk who is going down the wrong path, and the people who support that don't have valuable opinions anyway... (in my opinion lol )
@nenegrint14 oh gosh haha ruining the value of her face XD I felt exactly the same though lol
@MattK95 hahaha I mean the value of her face is too great to be ruined but still haha
@nenegrint14 yeah I thought that's what you meant, it's still really funny though :)
@MattK95 haha 馃槄馃槅