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CL is preparing for her American debut and I'm so excited and happy for her!! She will do great things!!
Justin has been under fire regarding 2ne1 members before. He kissed Dara on the cheek and fans went crazy. I just hope CL stays the independent woman that she is and that she doesn't let the American music industry influence her. I'm almost positive that will never happen.
@ChelaSimoneau @MattK95 he kissed CL too and I thought he was ruining the value of her face haha. I hope she isn't influenced by people like him. if the media is right about him he is a Jerk who is going down the wrong path, and the people who support that don't have valuable opinions anyway... (in my opinion lol )
Yes, that also makes me somewhat nervous. But she's my strong Noona so I believe in her no matter what!
@MattK95 haha 馃槄馃槅
@nenegrint14 yeah I thought that's what you meant, it's still really funny though :)
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