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My front pivot bushing disappeared so I decided if I am gonna have to replace that, I might as well break er down and clean the whole setup! Paint thinner brought my bearings back to life and my grip looks completely different! Granted I never cleaned or maintained the grip for the 6 years I have been riding it. Anyway, I had to take off the second king pins because I couldn't get the lug nut to twist back on. :( lame on lame! At least it wasn't completely devastating! Just took out the middle piece. So now it's a little different... buuut I'm still going to shred it. Hope y'all are having fun out there!
XD @GaryCampbell it is now!
hope that wasn't your best towel lol :-p
Turns are much more fluid! You can lean a litter harder without losing traction. I like them a ton!@RectedQuatch
Man that's sweet. What do the sidewinders feel like? I might try that on mine
great work! :D hope you're having fun as well!