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Kayak Fishing:The New Breed of Angling
Where our forefathers began, and where we picked up!
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@happyrock that's probably the best part of yak fishing! There's so much stuff in your garage that will work. Lots of DIY stuff!! It's a lot of fun rigging it up
3 years ago·Reply
@TheWoz The more I look into getting mine and setting it up, the more I think I agree XD
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Whoa dude! I have the tandem Hobie Oasis and love it! I fish year round! But have to take a friend along. I love it because I can go from fresh to ocean! I surf cast as well! My favorite place is the Point at Hatteras, NC! I have pics of me in layers bathing suit, sweat suit, jacket, coat, hats, boots, gloves and freezing trying to catch my fish for the day and night fishing too! You are loaded like a Jon Boat with the depth finder trolling motor etc! You are set! I just peddle paddle and sail! I thought I was the only nut out there so thanks for the inspiration! I don't know where yall are but wow it looks like fun out there!
3 years ago·Reply
@redridergirl You are for sure not the only 'Nut" out there!
3 years ago·Reply
Thank goodness dude!
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