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One night she asked me, "why do you stare at the moon so much?" I then replied, "why not? I mean the moon resembles so much for me." , She then asked for a reason why it did and I answered, "Think of it this way. If you are the only one of your kind in an area or the one that stands out then you are considered an outcast right? But nowadays outcasts are considered to be wierd or bad. Or atleast that the way society see's it. We are so used to being like each other. Perfect body's, Perfect hair, good looking. but no if you are different then you are looked down upon, an outcast. But what they don't see is that the different ones are the special ones thats why I stare at the moon each night because the moon inspires me. Like the way the moon at night outshines the stars. Thats why to me the moon and the stars are just proof that you could be an outcast but still shine brighter than the others."
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This is a fantastic exploration of a great idea: why is it that we say that those who don't fit in our bad? We rely on the outliers in so many cases: why not with our fellow humans, too?