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Got my gmack pro model and buzzed v3s this week! woooo So stoked. Purple caliber 2's on the way and the pantheon harbinger. Can't wait! New helpful cards coming out on tricks to save up, Sliding trick tip video coming hopefully this month, and a buzzed v3 Precision truck review. I've also been added as a community staff, so you can hit me up if you have anything to report! I've decided to take requests for posts on helpful things, Feel free to ask for reviews or tips on things about any aspect of longboarding! Stay steezy guys, -Patrick(Wikepedia)
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tell me how u like them caliber 2's gettin some soon!!(:
I already have a set, They are amaziiiiiiiing.
Dude that is a Damn sexy board and a damn sexy set up I'm pretty jealous haha
NICE! what a boss
you payed extra for anodized