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Genre: Comedy, Drama, High School Broadcast network: EBS Episodes: 24 Broadcast period: 2006/May/10 to 2006/July/27 Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 4:30 pm Director: Lee Chang Yong Students: Lee Min Ho as Park Doo Hyun Seung Hyun as Moon Seung Jae Lee Do Hyun as Oh Soo Ah Park Bo Young as Cha Ah Rang Chae Woon as Yoon Se In Sul Sung Min as Seo Jin Woo Ahn Yong Joon as Lee Ki Young Jang Ki Beom as Jang Ki Beom Shin Hyun Ho as Jang Dong Cheol Bae Yoo Mi as Park Eun Ho Jo Eun Ji as Choi Ye Seul Teachers: Choi Chul Ho as Bachelor teacher Ahn Sun Young as teacher in charge, Park Mi Sook Synopsis: Modern Students experience considerable stress during their high school years; there is a strong focus on positive presentation and personality, as well as achieving good grades and encouraging athleticism. These demands are made without considering each student's individuality and strengths. This school-centered drama discusses the central theme outlined above and depicts the lives and relationships of lead high school students, each of whom has different dreams and goals which they struggle to achieve, despite trials and tribulations ..
Guyzzz???Who among you knows Seung Hyun as Moon Seung Jae here in Secret Campus Movie? He is handsome and attractive guy too..!! Is he very popular? coz I want to follow Him here also in Vingle or even in facebook but I can't find him...!
@Lovelyaireenara..I guess there's a DVD that still for sale..just try your best to find out where..
yea i saw 2006 but didnt think 2006 was that long ago XD
Hopefully i found DVD to watch this...
What seem to be funny shinanec? I dont care if it was old already..the fact of the cast was Lee Min Ho..then that time Lee Min Ho is not yet popular..then since he was my Idol..I want to watch all his movie or tv shows..coz I want to know the old side of Lee Min ho! @ gonna watch it..atleast we gonna knw hw good Lee Min Ho is when it comes in playing football..!
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