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Having the right gear is essential for winter photography. Not only do you need to keep yourself warm and dry, you also need to keep your camera equipment safe and stored properly. Here are a few tips on how to be prepared for winter shooting! ✓ DRESS FOR THE OCCASION If you are going to be shooting outside in the snow, chances are you will be outside for at least a few hours. Some useful tips are to: have warm boots, gloves, and sunglasses. Also remember not to over-dress, it's better to feel slightly chilly while standing still than to overheat while walking. ✓ KEEP YOUR CAMERA COLD Have you ever noticed that glasses instantly fog up when coming into warmth after being in the cold? This same thing happens to your camera's lens and mirrors. It will cause harmful condensation that could hurt the electronics of your camera! ✓ KEEP YOUR BATTERIES WARM It's proven that batteries will drain faster in colder temperatures. Carry your batteries in a pocket or inside a coat close to your body heat. It's also a good idea to carry a couple extra batteries with you. Newer lithium-ion batteries have less problems with this, but it is good advice nonetheless. ✓ KEEP YOUR GEAR SAFE AND EASY TO GET TO You don't want to fumble around to get your gear from a bag, nor do you want to drop equipment in the snow. It's also a good tip to use waterproof bags so you do not get any water damage!
This is a great card! I'm taking a photography class that starts in January, and I'll have to keep these pointers in mind when I'm out working on assignments.
I had no idea warm batteries was a good thing! Thanks!!
Definitely remember the battery and the condensation tricks. It's really important!