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The death of Mr. Garner, who was seemingly not posing danger to arresting officers nor was committing a major crime (he was selling illegal cigarettes!), cannot be described as anything but appalling. That, I think, is a given. The issue, though, is how to deal with an officer that also did not seem to be maliciously trying to cause bodily harm. Having said that, I believe that he should still be indicted and charged with involuntary manslaughter. The decision not to indict officer Daniel Pantaleo for the death of Eric Garner, however, has sparked new tensions across the nation. It is no longer an issue of racial tensions or even the people vs the government. Now that the US justice department has decided to launch a civil rights investigation, I can honestly say that things will get much more complicated really quickly. As there are so many government officials echoing the discontent of the public at the national level (including President Obama), there will now be pressure on city government officials to overturn this decision. This, I think, will lead to another major battle that centers around the question: Is the federal government overstepping its boundaries by involving itself in a city matter? I do hope that justice is done. I think that all citizens should have a right to feel protected by its police force, not scared and intimidated by it. At this point, it does seem like this case may be the breaking point that brings about real reform. It may also be the case that creates strong divisions between even government agencies. I hope, however, that no matter what happens, the death of Mr. Garner is not just another senseless injustice.
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Complicated is correct. All of it is so tiring, but these conversations need to happen. Not just senseless talk, but gritty, grimy, honest, and unbiased talk that challenges us. We need each other. We can't afford to ignore one another and fight.
At least attempt at a fair trial brings him into a justice system criminals he has to arrest have to go through too. They cant be allowed to go above the law they enforce. If an unfair trial is what he will face, how many people who have gone through it actually were innocent and given an unfair trial. My grandmother always said what is good for the goose is good for the gander. We must pass under the same scrutiny if innocent until proven guilty. This is a difficult one, but we have to do the best we can and reform as we go.
@Mynameissimeon that is absolutely right. I would never say that we should use anyone's death in any way, but I really do hope that his death does not become just another number that riles up people, only to be forgotten a few weeks later... @timeturnerjones that is the issue. Even if the offer gets indicted, do we think he can get a fair trial? I fear mob mentality will drive that issue, as unfortunate as that may sound
This issue is so complicated....I also read that the victim suffered from asthma, and that it wasn't the chokehold that caused his death, but the pressure put on his lungs while on the ground....so completely sad. But another issue like you mentioned here isn't just that someone who shouldn't have died, did, but that there isn't way to reconcile this problem in the eyes of the people, unless the officer is indicted. Its just so complicated...