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As the third largest coffee producer in the world, enjoying good local coffee is a must-try culinary experience when you are in Indonesia. Bali, one of the country's most popular tourist destinations, is also famous for its local coffee from the Kintamani highlands. On the island, you can easily find places to enjoy good quality Indonesian coffee. Here are some of the options that we recommend. Sensa Koffie Decorated with a peranakan-style interior, Sensa Koffie is one of Bali's coffee gems. It serves Indonesian coffee as well as delicious food at Jl. Dewi Sri No. 9 in the famous Kuta area. A family-run business, Sensa initially opened in Malang, East Java, as a bakpia (traditional cake) store. In 2010, they decided to expand business by selling coffee. Vito Adi, the owner, brought the brand to Bali in April 2013. The coffee served at Sensa is said to come from at least ten regions across Indonesia that include North Sumatra, Sidikalang, Takengon or Gayo in Aceh, Ijen in East Java, Enrekang in South Sulawesi, and Mangulewa in Flores. According to Vito, he regularly experiments with the coffee beans to determine their characteristic and profile. “We provide seasonal blends of coffee beans from all over Indonesia by mixing the beans and experimenting with the resulting flavors," said Vito. Other than local coffee, the shop also serves Indonesian food, such as Javanese fried noodles, beef ribs with rice and tahu telor (tofu omelet served with bean sprouts in soy sauce). Seniman Coffee Studio Situated on Jl. Sri Wedari in the center of Ubud, Seniman Coffee Studio can be an interesting choice to visit when you arrive in the popular area. Established in 2011 by two contemporary artists, David Sullivan from the UK and Rodney Glich from Australia, Seniman serves specialty grade Indonesian coffee roasted at Seniman’s own place, Tetap Happy Coffee Roasters. The choices include Gayo Aceh, Toraja, Flores, Java, Wamena and Bali -- all available in light and medium roast. Aside from the local products, Seniman also provides coffee from other countries, such as Kenya and Brazil. For newcomers, Seniman's E.S.P. and Trans-X, its special house blends, can be a good place to start. Both can be made using various methods from around the world, such as the Taiwanese Syphone or the Japanese-style pour-over. Interestingly, Seniman also has a cold brew bar right in front of its main coffee shop that serves experimental cold coffee using additional ingredients other than coffee. The Organic Raw Cacao Bali with shaken dairy milk is one of the most highly recommended beverages, as well as the Trans-X Blend Nitro, which consists of Seniman’s nitrogenated house blend Trans-X manually brewed using chemex. Whale and Co Having opened for business in mid-2014, the concept at Whale and Co is to serve prime quality Indonesian coffee from Tanamera Coffee, a popular coffee roaster in Jakarta. According to Whale and Co general manager Aryo Indarto, the coffee shop aims to gather good products from other companies or brands, in a similar way to the smaller fish in the ocean gathering around a whale. Other than serving coffee from Tanamera, it also provides cakes from TRF Homemade catering and pastries from Monsieur Spoon -- popular names in Bali as well as Jakarta. The house blend uses coffee beans from Gayo and Ciwidey. You will immediately taste the dark chocolate caramel profile from the espresso, followed by a light aftertaste in your mouth and throat, as you sip from the yellow Nouva Point cup. Whale and Co can be found on Jl. Kresna in Seminyak. Barbero Coffee Situated on the upper level of Seven Barber on Jl. Merdeka in Renon, Denpasar, Babero Coffee initially planned on catering to the barbershop's customers. “Our concept for this coffee shop was to be the waiting place for wives or children whose husbands or fathers were having their haircut. But later on our customers expanded to coffee lovers as well,” said Barbero owner Yus Adrian. The small space indeed offers a fun escape from the office buildings in Renon as its walls are nicely decorated with murals. Barbero Coffee's specialties include Bali's Kintamani coffee and its house blend of Lintong Java Pancoer Toraja beans. Other than pure black coffee, such as espresso and long black, the house blend is also available in milk-based beverages like cappuccino, piccolo latte, mocha latte and white coffee with a starting price of Rp 18,000 (US$1.48). Mangsi Cafe This particular place is another hangout on the island that proudly serves genuine Balinese coffee from Kintamani. The owner, Made Windu Segara Senet, who is actually a doctor, began the business as a home industry; later it turned into a popular hangout at Jl. Hayam Wuruk 195 in Denpasar. “We get our coffee beans directly from the farmers in Kintamani because the area produces the best Arabica coffee on the island in a variety of tastes,” said Windu. Besides Balinese coffee, the cafe also provides a blend of Balinese coffee with other local beans, such as those from Toraja and Aceh. One of its must-tries is Mangsi Stamina - a mix of coffee with cardamom, cocoa, cloves, ginger and cinnamon. The Mangsi Vitality, a blend of coffee with coriander, cocoa, cloves, ginger and cinnamon is also good. Both are available from a starting price of Rp 12,000.
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Indonesian coffee is my favorite too! The soil there is a little different.