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I get it. Winter cycling is TOUGH. You have to deal with the cold temperature, snow, ice, and wind. It can be hard to motivate yourself to get out and ride in these conditions. Winter riding doesn't have to be so bad with a little preparation! Warm Up and Stay Warm: - Wear three layers: a base layer, an insulator layer, and an outer shell. This will keep you warm in most occasions! - Keep your extremities warm because they often get cold quickly. Use gloves, arm warmers, leg warmers, and shoe covers to make sure they stay warm! - If you stop for food or a drink on a long ride, you are likely to start feeling the sweat cool down. You should bring a spare jersey to replace the damp one with. - Keep riding to stay warm. If someone has a mechanical issue or repair to do, especially if someone doing a repair make sure you ride around while they are doing the repair! Gear Up for the Occasion: - Use tin foil to wrap over your socks and toes for insulation. - Save space in your pockets for food and put tools and tubes in an empty water bottle on your frame! - Always bring two tubes. If you get a flat with only one tube then you no longer have a back up. - Bring lights. It's always a good idea to bring lights with you in winter conditions. You never know if it will be snowy or foggy. Feed your Body: - It is important to carry extra food in the winter, you don't want to bonk out in the snow! - Again, make sure those pockets are full of food! - If you need to warm up a bit from the cold, take a break to get something warm in your stomach. Make sure to change your jersey after your break! Weatherproof Your Bike and Yourself: - Winter tires are important items for your ride. If you are riding a road bike make sure to get tires with tread, kevlar lining, and 25mm is minimum preferable width. - Clean your bike thoroughly after your ride. It will save your bike from nasty corrosion from snow, dirt, and salt while cycling in the winter. - Your body heat will produce sweat and it may get into your phone. Protect your gadgets by putting them in a plastic bag.
I also use the toe warmer packs you can buy at hardware stores for long rides when less than 20 degrees outside
Very good advice!
@BikeSnob Thanks for the write up, this is really useful! I'm usually pretty intimidated by the cold, maybe I'll tackle it this winter.
I commute and so far 23 has been the low. I've put baggies over wool socks inside tennis shoes and that is bearable for 45 minutes anyway. Yesterday I put the clipless pedals back on and tried neoprene toe warmers over bike shoes and that worked ok too but it wasn't supercold.
I'll try the foil trick, I am sure it is much cheaper @BikeSnob. thanks for this article. many great ideas here
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