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I want to take a quick survey of the most popular gaming methods on Vingle. Are you guys on consoles? Maybe Xbox or PlayStation? Last gen or current gen consoles? Are you a part of the "PC gaming master race"? Do you mostly game on your cell phone? Personally, I started with the PS1, went full blown PC gaming, and now I am stuck on PS4 because of convenience. Tell me what you are into!
The two games I must admit I was glad to buy an Xbox/Xbox 360 for were Steel Battalion & Chromehounds. CH especially was the best multiplayer game I've ever played on a console.
Mainly PC gaming, but also PS3 and Nintendo - also lots of retro PS and Nintendo games.
@assassin38 BRO-FIST! Gaming laptops for the win. I will never go back to desktop.
I started on contra star then to computer then to play station 1,2, 3, 4 now I m again on my gaming laptop.
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