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It's a question you may, or may not have, thought about before: why do we have different laughs? And I don't mean just from each other! Sure, our laughs all differ from the sound of another persons, and this has largely to do with the formation of the parts of our mouths, and a number of other physical, genetic factors that we have no control over. But that's not all! Our laughs also differ based on the social situation we are in, how we we raised to be laugh, and the experiences that we have had. You know that a giggling three-year old is hard to quiet, but a fifty-year old who starts laughing might find it much easier to stop. Laughs, it seems, are not just based on genetics, but on ourseves! I found this video (see the second slide) of one man's interpretations of the many, many laughs we all know and have experienced! Laughter is not just an expression, but a social tool for interacting with those around us. How many laughs do you have? I have found myself doing many of the laughs he described, even though I don't want to admit it.
@danidee I kind of related to that.Whenever me and my friends hang out it cannot be quiet even for 1 second lol we even had this starbucks guard come to our table and tell us not to be too loud since there are other customers too.I think there's nothing wrong with that, you just have to not think too much of what others think haha :)
@danidee @WiviDemol Laughing has so much to do with our perception of how we're being seen, and also of how we are seen ourselves! Our laughter even ages with us. Trust yourself to be comfortable with laughing, and see what happens.
@danidee hahaha that's cute.I think you're still young though.There is definitely that man out there waiting for you haha
@WiviDemol I just keep telling myself that one day I'll meet the man of my dreams and he'll be totally stoked to be with someone who laughs like a fired up machine gun.
People constantly mention my laugh to a point where I've gotten a little self-conscious. I've had friends find me in the supermarket simply because they could hear my trademark laugh from the next aisle over! Sometimes I'm really embarrassed, so I read up on trying to change it, which you can do apparently. But.. maybe I should learn to own what makes me unique, right?