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This MV is pretty crazy (I love it)!! ( ̄▽ ̄) When this song comes up on my iPod I can't help but dance around or sing along! I also think that the dance is really quite fun!! I hope you like it! All credit goes to the owner of this video! ( I do not own this video)! <3
@Aero2042 Tiny-G also has a great dancer!!
Oh my god! I love them! This song totally didn't get enough attention - they have a girl who can break dance!! How are they not more popular!?!! I was really sad to hear about the Dahee 'scandal' :/
@MattK95 yeah she could have handled it better! :( I still love the group!!!
I wish BigHit had spent a little more time on GLAM so that Dahee wouldn't have felt it necessary to resort to blackmail to try and pay off her group's major increasing debt to the company :( I'm not blaming BigHit, I know it's her mistake, I just think it all could have been avoided... Love the song btw :)