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SHINee member Taemin‘s pretty-boy good looks seem to be the envy of everyone, including legendary diva Patti Kim. The April 18th broadcast of SBS ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘ aired an interview conducted with Taemin. During the interview, the reporter remarked, “We heard that senior Patti Kim personally told you that she doesn’t like you. We would like to hear the explanation.” “She really did say that she didn’t like me,” he confirmed. “When I asked her why she didn’t, she said that she didn’t like that I had such a ‘pretty’ appearance.” “What can I do? I was born this way,” he said confidently with a laugh and added, “I am sorry that I was born so beautiful.”
hehehe but Taemin's still pretty >_<
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wsa taemin I LOVE YOUn*-*
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