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Hello! It's Christmas season and I have some ideas for Christmas bento/ lunch boxes! I hope everyone has a happy Holiday season! This bento was made fast and the icing got a little sloppy, but the kids still thought it was awesome. And that's all that counts! Right? YES! I hope you all have or had a great lunch! bye ※※※※※※※※※※Gigi! ※※※※※※※※※※ v(¯∇¯)
Always love your bentos. They are so adorable! I wanna start making one for myself as well, but I am not sure you decorate them. Mind sharing your secret method on the card next time? Seriously, I love your creativity!
You're back!!!! And I love the peanut butter sandwich with (chocolate?) icing! As usually I love your bentos. :)
The shaped eggs are always my favorite part!
@iluvdurian31 thank you so much! I will share on next card!
@danidee just like anything else it's all about where you buy from
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