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another spot

Here's another spot guys that I used to practice my tuck on. It's made up of a few sections so it's not a full run but it's cool for perfecting your technique because it doesn't take you as long to trek back up the fucking thing for another run lol
Omg. I want to go to these hills
I'm gonna wreck you guys, Maryhill is a drafting game, You better come.
@crazyheart that first hill behind the hill in front looks steep! totally agree with @EugeneAlcantar on this one haha!
Being in the city has its perks. Dodging traffic, pot holes, and pedestrians is great for learning to carve. Plus its pretty fun clinging onto the back of a truck and letting it pull you along. There's parks in NY that have pretty good hills, but usually you have to "share" them with jerks on bicycles which I don't like. If it's not jerks, it's usually families. Those are worse because little kids can't ride a bike straight. You know how many times I've been bumped or almost been ran over by a kid during a coleman. Usually if I want roads such as this, I have to take at least 45 minute car ride away from the city. @steezus
There are perks to living in the country, or small towns. Not big cities.
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