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It's in fabrication at Dubs! Thank you Eric for working with me so well. It has taken some time, but we both have the same picture in our heads now. The first picture is over in Wisconsin in the Dubs workshop, and the second is my draft here in Oregon. I wanted it to be 32 inches, but with the 25 inch wheelbase I wanted, it isn't possible. The nose will be flat and the concave will rise up from the back creating some delicious pockets. So stoked! 34" long 9.5 tapered to 8 inches wide the long WB is 25 inches 1 inch nose 3 inch tail, and short wheelbase is 20 inches 5.5 inch tail and 3.5 inch nose Look out!
Well I was supposed to have it a couple weeks a go but we were having issues with getting ideas acrossed. After 50 emails and a phone call we are on the right track and it should be here in a week or so
have them sand in some micro drops!
It's all good man. It's going to be a classic wood deck. so blank but it should be pretty still;) they do do graphics but I'm an old school kinda guy
Ahh yeah just read it sorry lol
Yeah man @crazyheart
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