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Beautiful day
just rode 4 miles to and from to pay my water bill, nice day out, amazing ride.
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@BenKaplan @OracioDiaz one of my friends has a 240 but he has to get rid of it he put piston through the block and can't afford to fix it.
3 years ago·Reply
oh geez...@RichardSchafer honestly at that point i would have kept it untill i could afford a engine swap
3 years ago·Reply
@BenKaplan yeah I told him to keep it but he wants to sell it so he can get some money to build an engine for a datson 280 he has
3 years ago·Reply
wow that's crazy, I started building mine from just a shell
3 years ago·Reply
280z with rd26 swap is sexyness
3 years ago·Reply