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so today in photography we tried out light graffiti, one of the best lessons I've ever had. it was great fun, this was my favourite image, I took about 100. Will post more later, but this has made me want a camera even more !!!
I love light graffiti/painting, this is nice.
Hey @PicoloChelsea Nice work. I also love the description you posted about your experiment with the Light Graffiti technique. It's a valuable insight to the photography community. Keep sharing us your photography stories! :)
That's so cool! I've seen it done before, but I've never had the opportunity to do it myself. Maybe I'll try it in my next Photography class!
How do you do this? You have to slow down the shutter speed by a lot, right?
same I have always wanted to try it so was super exciting to learn how. yeah try it out can even use a torch on a phone if you don't have any little lights :)
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