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If you don't know, Pantone is the company that puts a commonly understood name to the colors we use in the design field. It's why blue is never simply blue, but 'cornflower' or 'turquoise'. Every December, Pantone predicts a color for the upcoming year, one that they believe will be a major color trend used in fashion, home decorating, and other industrial designs. 2014 was the year of Radiant Orchid, a light purple that was probably most popularly used as a much beloved cosmetic color this year. Next year? Pantone predicts that the wine-hued color Marsala will be the trend marker for 2015. Personally, I'm excited because the deep red color family has always been among my favorites. Red is a bold color, but when muted to this level, it evokes a sense of confidence and sophistication. What do YOU think about Marsala? Will you be sporting the color next year? Leave your thoughts!
And so, the more people talk about it, the more it becomes relevant. It gets taken kore serious and the organic cycle takes a life of its own.
@nehapatel I think so. I think a lot of people in the design field look at the Pantone forecasts for inspiration.
I wonder if them predicting a color makes it any more likely to trend; hmm...
@marshalledgar I will say that while their annual one tends to be a hit and miss, certain industries (namely fashion/cosmetics) really put consideration into their seasonal forecasts. I think it's a lot easier to make predictions for that versus choosing one color and going "This is the color for THE WHOLE YEAR."
Exactly @danidee. The clever/cynical side of me thinks that it's just a way for Pantone to weave it's way into the marketplace. Publicity. Trying to be relevant in a digital Era when printing has dwarfed exponentially year over year. I'm not judging their intentions, just a thought.
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