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The Animation Workshop was founded in the 1980s after a university in Denmark converted old military barracks into a fully-functioning art school. Focused on animation and computer graphic imaging, teachers from around the world, representing a number of animation companies (including Pixar and Dreamworks!) come to teach the next generation all about the trade. The result is phenomenal, as seen in the 2011 graduation film "Out of Bounds", which tells the story of a man and his pet goldfish, Paul. Check out this heartwarming tale and perfectly seamless animation style!
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@sanityscout Yeah, you end up really really understanding his perspective. Plus I think the plotline is all sorts of adorable.
It really is :)
@JRAnderson I'm glad you like it! I always try to find good animated bits that I think other Vinglers would enjoy.
that is sooo great wat do u do ur self @danidee