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So I have been asked if what I write is a poem and I appreciate the constructive criticism from the people that actually know em.. what do I call the words I write that come throughout the day and night so I have come up with my own collection for this question to what I perceive as curbed emotion.. So in my own point of view since joining this community there's one I can most relate too there's one I'd like to share w you At first I was like "really" but your right "you so silly" hits the mark thanks for that @cheerfulcallie.. So while it flows as only I like to do and show you a word that your not used too at the same time I try not to confuse you.. So as this sounds like flop it's cheesy i know here I go my word is my MEOP ha but it's also the reverse of the word poem just to show em that I dont rehearse the meaning of a word I can just put in a verse.. ME and my OP-inion yep just as its read I know your shaking your head keep the faith I'll keep the flow as we converse show me how to traverse.. Especially now when you ask why or how it's just ME and my OP-inion that i can only describe as being one in a million.. LOL.. UHH
@dukes1 This is fun! It's like a poem, introducing both you and your style. @MyNameisSimeon it seems like you both made some "intro" poems. Maybe we should all try to do one! What do you think? Poems to introduce ourselves? @greggr You might like this idea, too!
Looking forward to see how you develop your style, @dukes1! Welcome!
I'll be looking forward to see more of your writing...MEOP!! Haha!!
@Pluvia2015 I appreciate very much.. thank you!
wow! I admired your way of writing! it is awesome!