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Hi guys! I became a presenter for Younique's products. I have my own business now. Younique is a make-up brand. Our make-up product is not like any other make-up brands/products that you get at the stores or even online. Younique's products are made 100% Natural. Yes! With Younique everything is 100% Natural Based! And cruelty free. Did you know that average women puts over 500 chemicals, a DAY?! Can you imagine that?! And you probably use it for hours too. Well let's make a change with Younique! know what's in your make-up and let's protect earth's beautiful creatures by supporting NO ANIMAL TESTING! Be you! Be Younique! Thank you! *See something you like, please visit and shop here @youniqueproducts.com/TatianaAbreu You can also contact me in Instagram: Bonita_Medina_ Facebook: Tatiana Medina Abreu & MissAnime GirlLove Line: Bonita_medina91 or message me here on Vingle. Thank you! ;*