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They say you never forget your first love

So i had some random incentive to throw my old blood oranged onto my Tessy. They were just sitting there and I thought to myself, what the hell, why not! With in seconds of getting on the board I rememebered why I'd loved these wheels in the first place. The ride is nice and smooth and the slides are so predictable. They are a bit softer than what I'm used to but thats minor! I've decided to leave them on, Can't wait to shred these babies!
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haha thanks @KLAIRELAURIE and @EugeneAlcantar ! i just like it when the color of the wheels and cores go well with the deck color and design
It's all about that style @BenKaplan and or swag
oh my god that a beautiful combo
Blood Orange and a Tessy is just like blood Orange and Rayne. so beautiful together
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