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So there is this kid at school that I hate yeah no biggie it's high school you hate at least one person. But this morning I saw him walking to school carrying a new board Like price tag still on it. But there was a good while till he would get to school But he is carrying it. Then I saw him again when I actually got to school and I was talking to someone and they said they don't think he actually knows how to ride but is just carrying to look cool. But here is the real kicker it was raining this morning like raining hard and he decided to bring it not ride it bur carry it. I couldn't help but laugh at him.
Recent do u only hate one person
@DanielSpazJames I was about to agree with you but than @EugeneAlcantar you have a very good reason to hate him. I hate him now and I don't even know him.
@EugeneAlcantar Oh, that guy is just a dick lol my bad :-)
@EugeneAlcantar Laugh on!!! :-)
@ShaunDeJesus he tried to steal my girlfriend, treated me and all my other friends like shit including my girlfriend, he tried to turn my friends against me and he talks shit about me every chance he gets so uh fuck that guy
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