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Seems cool but part of me is just shakin my head.. That's not how you do it! A longboard is a longboard, *says over dramatically with tears starting to well up in eyes* they are all beautiful just the way they are!
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@EugeneAlcantar it's tough man it's tough. *snif snif* xD @MicahKnopp that's what I was thinking, it looks like it's cheaply made. :/
@EmilySalzsieder @MicahKnopp for someone who is a casual rider and goes to school this is perfect but for people who aren't casuals then it really doesn't have the same appeal
It's better looking than some I've seen but I would try too much on one.
i mean theres worse things out there *cough penny board cough* but oh i dunno
If it works, ride it! Prolly not something I would buy @EmilySalzsieder but it looks cool.