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I feel like Hyolyn's (Not sure why her name is spelled like this instead of "Hyorin" sometimes, but that's how it was on the album cover XD) solo album "Love and Hate" was kind of passed over and not even given half of the credit it deserves, I don't know if you've heard it but it really is a fantastic album^^ This song in particular is one of my favourites from her album, her voice is incredible, and her rap kind of took me by surprise, it was sooo good!!! What do you all think of this song and MV? Full credit to the owners of this video: Starship Entertainment :)
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that all I listen to. its reminds me of like old jazz bar music
sometimes the symbol ㄹ can mean r or l
shes so awesome!!
@nenegrint14 thank you for clarifying that, I haven't really been keeping up with my Korean studies lately... :/ Anyway your so right, she is awesome :)
no problem. its so weird that i am the one answering questions. usually i am the one asking haha. im only just learning haha