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The holidays are meant to be a time of feelings of good cheer, and happiness, but for many of us it is actually filled with stress. So what is it about the holidays that makes us feel this way and how can we have ourselves a merry little Christmas? 1. You set sky-high expectations We all want our holidays to look like it came out of a Christmas TV special, but the truth is, having these high hopes can set you up for disappointment. Stress solution: Drop some of those expectations and stay in the moment! When you catch yourself stressing out over small details, take a break and BREATHE! Bring yourself back to the present and enjoy your holiday flaws and all. 2. You don't stick to a budget Holiday spending is a major cause of holiday stress. Buying gifts, foods, or tickets for traveling really adds up! Stress solution: Set a budget and don't go above it. Feel free to spend under your self-imposed limit, but don't go over to avoid 'celebrating' new years with credit card debt. 3. You eat foods that make you feel bad It isn't necessarily just holiday weight gain, but rather the certain foods make you feel worse overall. Too much sugar and not enough protein can lead to depression and fatigue. Stress solution: Forgo the decorated cookies in favor of foods that fight holiday stress. And remember, bad food choices aren't limited to desserts. Try foods like oranges, oatmeal, light turkey meat, almonds, and sweet potatoes (not candied yams!) 4. You don't spend any time outside Lack of sunlight can be linked to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a chronic dip in mood that hits up to 20% of people as days grow shorter. Stress solution: Getting outside for at least a few minutes every day may help relieve your seasonal stress. No matter how cold it is - make a point to get that sunlight! 5. You stay up too late Stress and sleep deprivation fuel each other in a vicious cycle leaving you exhausted and cranky all through the holidays. Stress solution: Make sleep a priority and aim for 7 to 8 hours a night. Try these yoga moves if you're really struggling to fall asleep: (
*deep breaths* I can get through this!
reading this already stresses me out
I love this time of the year I don't get stressed out but yes it is overwhelming cause a lot to do
you read my mind
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